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While many providers offer 3G connections and dongles, almost all of them have backdoors, which can be exploited by certain officials to sabotage an online business, and result in wastage of a lot of time. Iball 3.5G Connect wireless modem dongle is specifically designed for the Indian market, with a provision for automatically detecting the SIM card, and changing the settings accordingly. However, users are often facing a number of problems, and screenshots of the error messages are displayed in this website for other users of this dongle. :
Iball replacement - 3.5G Connect wireless modem replacement for Iball Airway
Iball 3.5G Connect wireless modem Dialing delay
Iball 3.5G Connect Error 797a
Iball 3.5G Connect Error 756
Iball 3.5G Connect Error 619a
Iball 3.5G Connect Error 628
Iball 3.5G Connect Error -1
Iball 3.5G Installation error

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These Iball 3.5G Connect wireless modem errors are observed with Windows 7 starter edition, using backdoors which are not known to ordinary civilians, and they cannot access this information using any known means, since NTRO is exempt from RTI. It results in wastage of many hours of a civilians time. There are many more errors which will be posted here soon, if the matter is not resolved. However, the frequency of errors is still low compared to certain foreign wireless/3G modems or usb dongles, which do not even have a service center in the country. Please contact at info@textads.in or websites@useful.in if any solution can be provided to the civilian who has spent her hard earned money on the dongle, only to face corporate espionage. More errors

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