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Iball 3.5G connect wireless modem can be used with prepaid and postpaid internet connections of almost all ISPs, Airtel, Idea, Aircel, Loop, BSNL, Tata Docomo, Reliance, Uninor, MTNL, Vodafone, Spice, Videocon.

Iball Airway 7.2 MP-18 was giving a number of errors listed at http://errors.in/iballairway.html. After the errors were published on the website, the online publisher was told to go to the Iball service center to get a firmware upgrade to fix the errors. At the Iball authorized service center, it was originally thought that the error would be fixed in 15-20 minutes. After more than 1 hour, they said that they were unable to were unable to upgrade and fix the firmware, as the hackers exploited backdoors which were not otherwise known. However, the Iball service center gave a replacement IBall 3.5G connect wireless modem free .

The replacement IBall 3.5G connect wireless modem which appears to have a different dialing mechanism has been getting disconnected remotely without a valid reason in less than thirty seconds on a windows 7 laptop almost every day, resulting in wastage of time and inconvenience. There are a number of other errors, screenshots of which are provided

The problem was not been faced for any other internet connection, it appears that the internet connection has been routed through any agency, which allows them to disconnect the connection whenever they feel like, to harass the real internet subscriber. Under what condition, does the internet connection of a harmless civilian in india get routed through an unidentified person, who repeatedly disconnects the connection for fun?

The reviews are published as ordinary civilians in india, not as laZy liar cheater girlfriends of powerful officials who have been fraudulently given great powers despite doing nothing, by misusing the experience, qualification and investment of the online publisher.

Iball 3.5G connect errors list - List of errors while connecting to the internet using the Iball 3.5G connect wireless modem


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