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Some of  the common website errors you encounter when you are surfing the internet


HTTP 404 - File not found - if  you click a link and get this error, the file is not available on the server. The website owner may have deleted the page from the website or renamed it. Click on the link to the home page of  the website and check if the missing file has been renamed. 

If  the link is external to the website or you are typing in the url , there is likely to be a spelling mistake. Many times the file extension .html is used instead of .htm  and vice versa


Most website owners can find the reason for 404 errors by using  web statistics packages like AWstats and fix it. If you do not have access to detailed website statistics, and there are a large number of  404 errors, check if you have uploaded robots.txt and favicon.ico . You can reduce the number of  404 errors by doing a 301 redirect to the correct page. (for websites hosted on Linux servers)


HTTP 403 - Forbidden  - You will get this error if a password or some kind of authentication is required to access a web page or you have entered a password incorrectly.  If  you have forgotten your password and cannot reset it, you should contact the webmaster  to allow access. The webmaster may also have blocked a certain range of  IPs due to hacking attempts or similar problems.


HTTP 500 Internal Server Error due to a problem with a Perl script running on the server. Only the webmaster will be able to solve this problem by correcting the Perl script used. The common errors are:

1. The script is not uploaded to the correct location

2. The file is not uploaded properly and permissions are not set as required.

3. Syntax of script may be incorrect.


For a complete list of  error codes please refer to  HTTP Status Code Definitions.