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Medical errors are widespread, but a patient can prevent these errors by taking a few simple precautions.


1. Keep detailed records of  all your medical treatments, ask your doctor and dentist  for written records of  all medical procedures performed. This will be useful at a later date if  there any complications or if  you wish to take legal action for medical malpractices. Also, the doctor will be more careful while treating you.

2.Be actively involved in your medical treatment, ask the doctor questions about your illness and the various alternative treatment options. Some doctors do not bother to answer a patient's questions since it is time consuming. In such cases, it is better to change the doctor, since you are paying for the treatment and you will suffer if the doctor makes a mistake.


3. Find more information about your ailment from other sources like the internet and other reliable  information sources. This will also help you take better care of yourself.


4. Inform the doctor about your allergies, chronic ailments if any, side effects of  various medicines, so that the doctor can prescribe suitable medicines.


5. Ensure that the doctor's prescription is legible. Enquire about the duration of  the treatment, frequency of taking medicines, side effects.  The doctors should provide written information of  the side effects and treatment of  the side effects.  Also ask if there alternative medicines available. Doctors may prescribe the costliest medicine, since they sometimes receive a kickback from pharmacists.


6. Try  to lead a healthy lifestyle, so that you do not have to visit a doctor often.


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