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The indian government and its agencies like ntro, raw, cbi are extremely aggressive in penalizing indian citizens who these agencies feel have made mistakes, subjecting them to the most horrific human rights abuses, which are far worse than those committed in nazi germany. The indian citizens like domain investor are not given any opportunity to defend themselves against these corrupt cruel government agencies, their retirement savings are stolen without a court order or legally valid reason.

In contrast the well paid government employees who also get a pension, are never penalized for their endless mistakes, making completely fake allegations without any proof, against citizens, especially older single women engineers with a good JEE rank, from the poorest communities in India to force them to agree to identity theft. In fact ntro, raw, cbi are specifically targetting engineers from poor communities, wasting more than Rs 50 crores of indian taxpayer money for finding non-existent proof for more than 11 years since 2010.

It is an indication of the quality of leadership, incompetence, that no one is asking the well paid employees why they are making fake allegations against an innocent citizen, when they cannot provide any proof within 11 years. Usually in most countries, and for more people they are put under surveillance only for a few months or at the most seven years, yet only because horrific human rights abuses were involved, google, tata have continued their online fraud since 2010 without being questioned at all .

Since 2010, ntro,raw, cbi allegedly bribed by google, tata are making the following fake allegations against the domain investor without any legally valid proof like
- black money
- money laundering
- security threat
- cheating
- cybercrime when the government agencies are hacking her computer, stealing her data
- dishonesty
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